Considering a New Years Eve Wedding? What You Need To Know (and see!)


New Years Eve!

It’s can be a spectacular night or a monumental disappointment. But a surefire way to make it a memorable night is a New Years Eve wedding of course!

Here are a few things to consider before you set your wedding date:

  1. Most people will probably be able to attend. As the holiday season winds down, and with enough advanced notice, most people will be able to attend even if the wedding is out of town.
  2. You’ve got a built-in theme for your wedding, should you choose to use it! An NYE theme can give your wedding a glitzy and glamourous feeling. And not only will your friends and family be there to celebrate your big day, but they’ll also ring in the New Year together! Bonus: An NYE theme will make decorating a little easier.
  3. Keep in mind that a New Years Eve Wedding means that your anniversary will also be on NYE. Why are we pointing out the obvious? Because depending on what kind of NYE “celebrator” you are (hangin’ at home with your honey vs. galmming it up with a night on the town) you might love (or hate!) the idea of this. Just thought we’d point it out 😉

So in anticipation of the New Years Eve weddings tomorrow and those of you that are starting to plan for next year, we thought we’d also share 3 stunning NYE theme weddings from some of our fav blogs… enjoy!

First up a glitzy and glamourous wedding featured on – photo by Scott Lawrance.


 Next on our list is an inspired NYE wedding by with photos by Kristin Vining


An now for a few sparkles and bubbles in this wedding featured on with photos by N Barret Photography.


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    […] y be able to attend. As the holiday season winds down, and with enough advanced […]

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