Cash Wedding Registry – Create One Your Guests Will Love

How to personalize your cash wedding registry

A cash wedding registry is a great alternative for that couple who might already have their pad put together. The couple we’re talking about have already replaced the bedding they accidentally ruined while renovating their bedroom. They got new towels as a house warming present. They went and got a food processor to make homemade hummus. They have all the knick-knacks – AND they’re bathroom is decorated. Basically they’d look at the stock at Crate and Barrel and say – I’ve got all of this!


Wedding guests are always eager to gift a new couple. And while there has been a rising trend of giving cash as a wedding gift, there has been a lack of secure, and creative way of giving it.

Enter the online cash wedding registry.

There are cash wedding registry advocates, and as everything, there are the knockers. Or the nay-sayers. Those who claim that asking for cash is tacky, and a faux-pas.

Asking for cash isn’t being greedy, and giving cash isn’t meaningless.

When you already have the essential must-add-to-your-wedding-registry items what do you do? You know that wedding guests are going to want to gift you, so you set up your cash wedding registry!

Here are the  things you should consider while setting up your cash wedding registry:

Tell A Story

Many couples find it very useful to set up a honeymoon fund registry. In lieu of getting gifts, they would rather guests contribute to their first big adventure as a married couple. A great way to get guests involved (and loving) your wedding registry is to tell a story through it. Like Toni and Kevin did with their Wedding Republic honeymoon wedding registry. They added every stop they were going to take on their honeymoon so guests could contribute to any piece of it, from their flights, to a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Get Creative

You don’t have to stick to the regular ole’ stuff, if you don’t want it. The great thing about a cash wedding registry, is that you can literally add anything you want! Are you planning on adding a deck – add it to your registry. If you know what tree you’re going to plant in the far right corner of your yard – add it to your cash wedding registry! Add things that will leave your guests going “aha, that’s TOTALLY something good and useful.”

Build Your Future

Learning how to ski together can be a great way to develop a new (not to mention healthy) hobby together. Not only that but if you plan on having children, wouldn’t it be nice to teach them how to ski when they are old enough and going on a nice family vacation to the Alpes? Adding ski lessons to your registry is a great idea. Add anything that enhances experiences, and creates memories to your cash wedding regsitry. After all – getting married is just the beginning!

Create Your Cash Wedding Registry!

Guests like contributing towards something they know will enjoy. If you show your guests how you plan on enjoying the gift they are giving you it leaves them feeling happy, and like they have truly given you something you can benefit from.



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