2013 Wedding Registry Trends [Infographic]

Curious about Wedding registry trends for 2013?

The long standing tradition of having a wedding registry isn’t going anywhere, but the gifts couples are including on their wedding registry and and the type of wedding registry they’re choosing is going through a major overhaul. Take a closer look at the wedding registry trends of 2013.

Trending down is the big box store and trending up is online registries like Wedding Republic, where couples can register for anything, guests can contribute cash and collaborate on gifts, and couples can redeem the cash value of the registry for the ultimate flexibility.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve analysed thousands of wedding registries in order to see what gifts are trending on Wedding Republic for upcoming 2013 weddings. The result? So many amazing and creative gift ideas that go beyond just another toaster! How about your favorite wine? Romantic dinners? Yup, we’ve seen tons of those! We’ve even seen couples register for home renovations!

Here’s an infographic that tells the story, from why couples are making different choices to which cool and creative wedding gifts are trending in 2013 that go beyond the big box store.


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