What Couples & Guests Say About A WR Wedding Registry

Curious about what people thing about Wedding Republic? Here’s what other couples and their guests have to say…


Thank you for making this entire process a delight. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but using your site and not having to worry at all about yet another thing along the route to the big day was a huge plus for us. We certainly had a lot of fun using your registry and have received tons of positive feedback on your product. I’m sure that you’ll be hearing from our friends once they’re ready to get hitched.

Best regards,

Ron & Asya

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We were extremely happy in the end with Wedding Republic. I think the updates that you’ve been doing have taken the site to the next level.

Great job!

Danielle & Geoff


I wanted to extend a big thank you to Wedding Republic. After we got back from our honeymoon, we decided to buy all of our bedroom furniture from Restoration Hardware. Because we had cash, we were able to make our purchases with a Restoration Hardware coupon code, saving us $1,500 (about 20% of our purchase).

The Wedding Republic service was great, and it let us search for the best deal on what we wanted!

Jamie & Miriam


Just wanted to say that I love the updates you implemented! I just love your service period! Your service is so fun and easy to use and I’ve received great feedback from the people who have used it and would absolutely recommend it to others. It’s such a brilliant idea for couples who have been together and have “everything” but would appreciate money for a honeymoon or anything else than an another toaster lol.

Big thanks to the Toronto Star for that article that mentioned you!

Thanks again,

Toni & Kevin

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Our wedding has just passed and many guest mentioned that the idea of using the services of wedding republic was cool and new.

We are not 20 something and as such when we moved in together, we amalgamated 2 already full households. We kept being asked for ideas and having had attended weddings where the couple did not give a registry, I didn’t want to cause the ‘dear caught-in-the-headlights’ issue that I have had to our guests. 

I think wedding republic offers a unique service that can be beneficial if you have guests from all over that cannot make it to the wedding. Cuts down on shipping costs and still give guests the opportunity to ‘participate’ even if not present.

All the best,

Roxane & Chris


Wedding Republic was a quick and easy way for our guests to shop our registry for a gift that was perfect for us. My husband and I had a blast picking out and personalizing our registry from the comfort of our living room. The ability to customize, add humour and a personal touch makes the registry creation and browsing so much fun!

Thank you WR!



Okay… we know what you’re thinking. The couples love it, but what about the guests? Well, here’s what they think so far…

What a great idea. I know this is exactly what the bride and groom need. I wish you were around when I got married! – Monica Boucek 


Using Wedding Republic for our friends wedding was easy and fun to use. We could see exactly what they wanted and felt like we were contributing to what we selected vs. just giving cash. – Derek Morris 


As a guest of several weddings this past summer I was so thankful for the convenience of Wedding Republic as a means to give a gift that each couple was truly after! Wedding Republic is an efficient, user-friendly and fun tool to use and I am excited to use it for my own wedding next summer. I have no doubt that our guests will be excited too. – Tiiu Vail 


Loved how the site was simple and easy to use. Plus it was fun to browse through the serious and not so serious gift ideas the couple came up with – much more personal and entertaining than scrolling through yet another registry list from Bed Bath and Beyond. – Patrick Chappell 


Wedding Republic is a great combined registry site. It’s easy to use, and I love that I can just do everything online from the comfort of my home. I like the fact that I know I can contribute to something big that the couple wants, and not be confined to generic department store gifts that the couple feels they have to register for. – Sue Soamboonsrup 


Thank you WR for helping me avoid the headache that the Eaton’s Centre gives me while allowing me to pick out the perfect gift that I know my friends will love! – Megan Lee 

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