Forget The Toaster! Here’s a Wedding Registry for the Important Things in Life

Planning your wedding is really about designing your future. At Wedding Republic, we believe that a wedding registry can help you build the life that you really want. Your wedding registry isn’t just a gift list; it’s symbolic of what’s important to you as a couple. It’s a message to your guests. A reflection of your personalities. A love story.

Because it’s not about gifts. Be honest, do you really want another toaster? What about that crystal punch bowl? From the married couples we’ve talked to, chances are it’ll end up on a shelf collecting dust for years.

You have the power to create a wedding registry the kind of registry that tells your story. It can include exactly what you need to design your life together. An online board to show friends and family what you really want. Made clickable. Made shareable.

The perfect wedding registry is different for every couple – by making it meaningful and simple, you can create something you and your guests will love. Find out how.