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Wedding Registry “A perfect Ottawa backdrop”

No, that image is not a green screen image – it was taken by Ottawa photographer Barbara Cameron, one of our personal favorites here at WR! She shot Chrystine and Dan’s wedding, on August 11th, 2012.

Chrystine and Dan are definitely a match made in Scrabble heaven… having met 5 years ago, after he literally showed up on her doorstep with a mutual friend, who, introduced them to each other as “Dan, this is my single friend Chrystine and Chrystine this is my single friend Dan.” They friended each other on Facebook and continued to play Scrabble together online for weeks before Dan mustered up the courage to ask Chrystine out. And for this reason, they used Scrabble tiles for table numbers at their wedding. How cute!

They created their wedding registry with us since they had many guests travelling afar for he wedding. Dan is from Nova Scotia while Chrystine is from Ottawa, and together they currently reside in Toronto. It is to be noted that they are NOT Leafs fans, however – which is why they added Ottawa Senators tickets to their wedding registry. What a great idea, and this gift sold out quick.

wedding-registry-gift-ottawa-senators Though they live in Toronto, Chrystine made it clear that they are NOT Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

 Their ceremony was an intimate celebration in Chrystine’s aunt and uncle’s backyard in Dunrobin. They served appetizers, beer and sangria throughout and got married under a tent. Their reception was then held at the Riverview Salon at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau. With guests coming from all over and they decided that the museum offered a perfectly stunning views of the river, art gallery and parliament buildings.

chrystine-dan-wedding-registry “We fell in love with the museum unique space and architecture.”

 The thing that impressed me about Chrystine and Dan’s wedding registry was that they really used it to tell a story. They shared how they have fallen in love with snowshoeing, and had decided to put two pairs of snow shoes to their registry in hopes of continuing their adventures in the deep Ontario snow! Also a great big hit!

They added other things such as kayak rentals for when they spent time in Iceland on their honeymoon, as well as a bike rack for their car, and a membership to their favorite winery!

“We both adore travel, being adventurous, cooking and eating great food and drinking great wine”

 Chrystine even sent me a picture of them enjoying the kayak rental while in Iceland on their honeymoon! If anyone can make a kayak skirt look cute, I think it’s this couple!

wedding-registry-kayak Chrystine and Dan enjoying one of their wedding registry gifts – a kayak trip in Iceland!

 When I asked Chystine to tell me why her and Dan had chosen to use Wedding Republic, she noted like most of Wedding Republic couples, that Dan and herself had lived together for 3 years before getting married. This meant that they didn’t need most conventional registry items.

“We were looking for something unique that fit our personalities and yet was more personal…Wedding Republic allowed the convenience of giving money but with the personal touch of knowing just how we wanted to use it. Our guests loved it! They felt like there were contributing to this great life we were going to have as husband and wife… I think it was also a great way for our friends and family to get to know us a little better as a couple.”

Congratulations, Chrystine and Dan!

For more information on their photographer, Barbara Cameron, you can visit her website or her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter!


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