Wedding Registries 101


Wedding planning can be daunting and fraught with etiquette do’s and don’ts. So we rounded up the top wedding registry questions from engaged brides and answered them for you. Whether you’ve already set up your wedding registry or haven’t even thought about it, this is a must read if you’re planning your wedding.

That’s why we created a free download for all of our readers – in case you haven’t guessed, registries are kind of our thing. We can help you navigate etiquette dos and don’ts, registry logistics and offer a few great gift ideas, regardless of where you’re registered!

Get your copy of Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Registries today! In the meantime, here are a few topics we’ll be tackling.

How Can I Tell Guests About Our Registry Tastefully?

This is one of the most frequent wedding registry questions we hear. Notifying guests about your wedding registry is one of those areas where you need to consider appropriate wedding etiquette. There are a few ways you can tell people about your wedding registry including word of mouth, posting it on your wedding website and even on your bridal shower invitations.

Posting it on your actual wedding invitation however, is still a considered to be in bad taste (although, this does seem to be shifting from what we’re seeing). One way to work around it is to include your wedding website on your invitation, which links to your online wedding registry or lists the store information.

Once you’ve created your registry tell your bridal party and family as these are the people your guests will go to for information.

Do I Need to Create Separate Registries for My Bridal Shower and Wedding?

While you can create a couple of different registries at different stores or online registries you don’t need a separate one for your bridal shower. Before and after each pre-wedding event (bridal shower, engagement party etc) be sure to keep check your gift lists as they guests make their purchase so you can edit and update it as needed.

Can I Request Group Gifts for Larger Items?

Absolutely, as long as it’s done tastefully. With Wedding Republic you can do that with our signature Puzzle Peiece feature. Post an image of the big-ticket gift (say a big screen TV) and break it up into affordable pieces so guests can chip in. It’s important to show guests what their contribution is going towards so they’re satisfied they’ve purchased something that you really wanted.

Is it appropriate to ask for cash in lieu of gifts?

Also one of the most popular wedding registry questions, this is becoming more relevant as couples needs become more diverse. While cash as a gift has traditionally been a controversial, the tides have changes and the trend is actually shifting towards cash gifts, specifically thorugh online cash wedding registries, like Wedding Republic. Many couples prefer cash, and in fact many guests prefer giving cash.

The key is to keep the meaning of the gift behind the cash contribution. At the end of the day, it isn’t about cash. It’s about the money to put towards your dreams and building your life together. Experience and lifestyle based gifts are becoming more and more popular especially since many couples have what is traditionally available on a wedding registry. Wouldn’t you rather register for your house down payment, honeymoon or big screen TV instead of tea towels and cutlery?

How Long Should I Wait Before Taking My Registry Down After the Wedding?

This depends on where you’ve registered. Many traditional retailers will keep your registry open for a year after the wedding as traditional wedding etiquette says guests have up to a year to buy a gift. In this case, the store should notify you when it will close and you might receive a discount on any remaining items.

For most online and cash wedding registries, you have the flexibility of closing your registry anytime after the wedding. In our case, we recommend you keep the registry open for a week or two after the wedding, but the majority of purchases happen the day before, day of and day after the wedding, so you have a little more flexibility in these situations.

How Soon After Our Engagement Should We Register?

Don’t be shocked it people ask where your registered within minutes of saying congratulations.It’s usually a good idea to set one up within a month of the engagement, but if the wedding date is still years away you can likely wait a little longer. Just be sure to create a registry a few months before the first event, be it an engagement party, bridal shower etc.

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