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Julian & Amy Wedding Party

A practical wedding registry: Meet Amy and Julian

Every once in a while we come across very creative registries that are just too good not to share!

Meet Amy, a professional artist, and Julian, a graphic designer. They tied the knot on July 7th, 2012 and when we got in touch with Julian (yes, the groom set up the registry!) he was more than thrilled to let us post their wedding registry on our blog!

Wedding Republic’s registry was actually a much more personal approach. Many of our wedding guests mentioned how much they enjoyed clicking around on our WR registry reading all the blurbs we wrote and looking at all the ideas we chose to share.

Julian and Amy Wedding Photos

These two got married at at Amy’s parent’s cottage on a lake near Haliburton, Ontario. They had lived together for almost 5 years prior to getting married, so they didn’t need the ‘traditional’ house hold items.

Amy & I used Wedding Republic for a few reasons…We’re big travellers and loved the idea of registering for the experiences we had planned for our honeymoon in Costa Rica.”

They added things such as zip-lining that they could do while they were on their honeymoon, and it sold quick, along with concert tickets and something that we’ve actually suggested to add to your regirtsy: a patio set!

Wedding Registry Gifts

 Julian went on to explain “Since we have a condo in Toronto, we don’t have the space for all the things that some people might consider “essential” on a large wedding registry.”

So they went for practicality and added money towards ZipCar services!
Zip Car Registry

Amy and Julian are obviously a very creative duo. Between Amy’s great flair and Julian’s design work, they split most of the wedding tasks. Amy created the colour palette, and wonderful fabric flower bouquets with the help of her friends and family while Julian put his design skills to use by creating the invitations, programs, thanks you’s and menu cards for the big day.

Julian and Amy Wedding Photo

“All in all, we wanted to pull off a wedding that reflected our personalities and our passions.”

Well congrats Amy and Julian, looks like you did exactly that!

 Check out the rest of Amy and Julian’s wedding registry!
All photos we’re captured by Jordan Lloyd & Mathieu Martel


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