[Featured Registry] A Wedding Registry With A Little Character

One of the best parts of my job is catching a glimpse into the creative and diverse gift ideas that couples post on their Wedding Republic wedding registry. Here’s one that I absolutely loved.

Meet Asya and Ron, the creative bride and groom behind this stellar registry. Even at first glance, you can see they’ve included the things that are important to them. Gifts that will have a real impact on their lives rather than (potentially) collecting dust on a shelf for 20 years… crystal punch bowl anyone?

wedding republic registry

Here’s what I love about Asya and Ron’s Registry:

The Gift List Shows The Kind of Life They Want

Here’s a snapshot of their wedding registry. They have everything from a house down payment, to gym memberships (one for him and one for her) and even a subscription to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Their wedding registry is reflective of the life they’re creating together, and gives friends and family a glimpse into what’s really important to them. What better way to start married life than with the things that really matter to you?

wedding gift list

They Gave Their Guests A Ton of Option

By diversifying their gift list Asya and Ron’s guests are almost guaranteed to find something they’d love to contribute to. Lets delve into the science of giving for a moment. Gift giving is as much about the giver as the receiver. Think back to when you gave a gift. You want the recipient to love it, right? By diversifying their wedding registry, they give guests lots of choice from books for their library to dinner at their favorite restaurant.

house registry

The couple has also done a great job at varying the price points. For example, they’ve taken the house down payment and broken it up into affordable puzzle pieces so every guest can find something that’s within their price range.

They Had Fun With The Descriptions

Clever quips, funny phrases or even movie quotes – anything that reflects your personality goes! This just adds to your registry and might even make your friends and family laugh (or gush, or smile… depending on what you’re going for) as they browse your wedding registry.

alternative wedding registry

Rather than submitting to what decades of traditional wedding registries have told them they should have, they’ve chosen to create a wedding registry filled with what they really want. Things that have meaning for them. At the end of the day, only you can (and should) decide what you need to build your life. You be the expert.

Asya and Ron are getting married this weekend, and we’ll be sending them happy thoughts from Wedding Republic HQ.

From the entire WR team… congratulations Asya and Ron!

Hi. I’m Hana, co-founder of Wedding Republic. I believe that couples can design the kind of future they really want. We can help make that happen :)


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