A Wedding Registry On Pinterest


A wedding registry on Pinterest?

I recently came across one of the most creative gift registries I’ve seen in a while. One couple couldn’t quite find a wedding registry that suited their lifestyle, so they created it on Pinterest!

We reached out the to bride, Melissa Silvers, right before her wedding and here’s what she had to say.

It’s interesting, actually — the board started as a sort of “dream list/joke” — just one of the many beautiful, aspirational and dreamy boards that I pin to every day (I’ve gone a bit pin-crazy).

The initial idea was a joke to some degree because we’re both 30 and already have everything we need. We don’t need a basic set of towels. If we needed towels, we’d get crazy-expensive ones to replace our Target ones. We have every kitchen appliance you can think of already from Williams-Sonoma…except our percolator only heats to one temperature instead of specific temps. So — it started off as sort of a super extravagant joke/concept – – what does a 30-something’s registry look like? What do you even need at that stage in your life?

The resulting Pinboard is obviously extravagant in ways (yes, there’s a Range Rover and a Beachhouse and a year’s worth of Maid Service) but when family and friends responded positively to it (I think it may be a first for wedding registries, so everyone was like ‘oh, that’s so amazing!’), we started adding more realistic items that we could use — specifically, Jet Blue gift cards and JetSetter gift cards. This way, people know a way to give us something we can use in a really meaningful way (we’re both travel junkies) but not require someone to buy a 1200 Lily Pulitzer chair (but really, if someone wants to, I love it). We’ve also added a couple of charities we both love for people to donate to on our behalf.

The neatest part of the registry is that you also get to tell a story or share a bit of your personality in the description of each item. I think traditional registries fail because you just scan an item. So — great, you are getting someone a toaster. But if you knew you are getting them a toaster because they are obsessed with making breakfast in bed for each other — that’s a much cuter story. And a more meaningful purchase.

Melissa echoes the sentiments of so many engaged couples we’ve spoken with. At the end of the day, your wedding registry is not it’s not a gift list. It’s an expression. It’s a story. It’s a way to tell your friends and family how you plan to build your future together.

Now with a little digging, of course they could have found a few new online wedding gift registries that could do the same thing. But that’s not the point. The point is that they new what they wanted and weren’t afraid to tell the world.

And so should you.

Wedding Republic is an online cash wedding registry for the important things in life. Get started today or check out a sample registry

Wedding Republic is an online cash wedding registry, for the important things in life. Get started today or check out a sample registry.

About Wedding Republic

Wedding Republic is an online cash wedding registry, for the important things in life. Get started today or check out a sample registry.


  1. Alexa Young says:

    That’s an interesting trend. With so many brides using pinterst for inspiration boards, it wont take much longer for registries to integrate with pinterest. some of them are already doing this, like astoriaroad.com

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