10 Ridiculous Things That Brides Regret Registering For

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They asked for a pancake warmer?

We recently came across an article on TLC Weddings detailing some of the most ridiculous things that (hindsight begin 20/20) brides could not believe they registered for. Now, we’ve made the case for a cash wedding registry before (convenience and the ultimate flexibility in being able to use the cash as you see fit… most couples don’t need to be convinced of the benefits) but some of the useless gifts in this top 10 list just help drive the point home.

You can read the full article here, but we’ll give you the abridged version:

10. Quesadilla Maker. Sure you think you’ll eat them all the time if you have one. But you won’t. It will collect dust.

9. Furniture. Unless you’re using Wedding Republic’s puzzle piece feature, this is out of most peoples price range.

8. Sports-Themed Linens. We’re sports fans too, but they’re cheap. Guests don’t want to feel like their cheap-ing out.

7. Toys for the Kids Your wedding registry is about the you. The kids will get plenty of gifts later.

6. Shrimp Forks. Unless you’re the kind of couple that hosts formal dinner parties, this is another dust-collector.

5. Margarita Maker. It’s basically a blender with a picture of a cactus on it. Money waster / dust-collector.

4. Pancake Warmer. How often do you make pancakes without devouring them immediately? Enough said.

3. Expensive Crystal and China. Formal dinner parties are a thing of the past and formal dining rooms in general are starting to disappear from the home. Trust us, you’ll never use them.

2. Automatic Martini Shaker. Really? How lazy can you get? Use those biceps and shake your own martini!

1. Aspirational Things (i.e. stuff you can’t use yet). If you live in a 500 square foot condo with hardwood floors, then a Dyson vacuum is probably a wast of space for the time being. Stick to registering for the stuff or non-stuff that you really want and can use.

Hope this helps! And if you’re ready to create a wedding registry that makes sense. You can start here.

Wedding Republic is an online cash wedding registry. Tasteful, practical and kind of fun. If you liked this post, be sure to subscribe!


Wedding Republic is an online cash wedding registry, for the important things in life. Get started today or check out a sample registry.

About Wedding Republic

Wedding Republic is an online cash wedding registry, for the important things in life. Get started today or check out a sample registry.


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