Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Registries


Wedding registries- We tell you everything! Wedding planning can be daunting and fraught with etiquette do’s and don’ts. That's why we created a free download for all of our readers - in … [Read more...]

Special Deal Alert: $30 Off A Must Have Wedding Photo App!


A special deal on a must have wedding photo app. The best photos at a wedding are often those candid shots taken by friends and family. Those hilarious moments between guests, a beautiful photo of … [Read more...]

2015 Wedding Dress Trends

2015 Wedding Dress Trends - Off the Shoulder

Choosing a wedding dress can be incredibly hard for many brides-to-be. Do you go for something classy and timeless? Or do you try to find something a little more trendy and flashy? Many of the dress … [Read more...]

Turn Your Pinterest Board into a Wedding Registry

You've been dreaming (and pinning) about your wedding day for weeks, months... maybe even years! And when you began your love affair with Pinterest, you've also created a board for your wedding … [Read more...]

Wedding Roles: Who Does What at a Wedding?

Wedding Roles: Who Does What at a Wedding?

Many people get so excited about the actual wedding itself, they forget that there are actual roles and jobs for each person in the wedding party - from the parents to the ushers! Wedding roles vary … [Read more...]

Weddings Unplugged: 5 Ways to De-tech Your Wedding

Weddings Unplugged

Weddings have become so technologically advanced with the use of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Although these social media platforms have a way of enhancing weddings and making it easier … [Read more...]

5 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

5 Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Plates, cutlery, bed linen.. Do you both have all of that already? If you're a couple that are puzzled on what to put on your wedding registry, we compiled a list of 5 unique wedding registry … [Read more...]

Top Wedding Themes: Pinterest Round Up

wedding themes

Every bride loves to plan her wedding around a central theme, whether it's a specific color palette or a word like classic. It's important for a wedding to look altogether, instead of looking like a … [Read more...]